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Signs Your Roof Needs Attention

commercial roofing

Your roof silently shields your home from the elements, but it’s not invincible. Recognizing the signs that your roof needs attention is crucial to preventing further damage. In this post, we’ll explore the red flags that indicate your roof may need immediate care. Red Flags to spot: Leakage: Water stains on your ceiling, damp or […]

Essential Roof Maintenance Tips

roof maintenance

Maintaining your roof is not only a wise investment but also a critical aspect of homeownership. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical tips to keep your roof in top condition and extend its lifespan. Roof Maintenance Tips: Clean Gutters: Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and compromise the structure of your roof. Clean […]

The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Your home’s roof is your first line of defense against the elements. To ensure its continued effectiveness, regular inspections are crucial. In this blog post, we’ll explore how often you should inspect your roof and why these check-ups are essential. How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof? Regular Visual Inspections: Conduct visual inspections of your […]

The Warm Welcome: Benefits of a Heated Driveway for a Cozy Winter

heated driveway

As winter approaches, many homeowners start to think about how to best prepare for the cold, icy months ahead. While snow-covered landscapes can be picturesque, they also bring a host of challenges, especially when it comes to clearing driveways and walkways. One innovative solution that is gaining popularity is the installation of heated driveways. Installing […]

The Crucial Role of Furnace Cleaning in Preventing Costs and Breakdowns

As winter approaches, our furnaces become essential for keeping our homes warm. However, many homeowners underestimate the importance of regular furnace cleaning. Neglecting this critical maintenance task can lead to higher energy bills, reduced indoor air quality, and costly breakdowns. Let’s explore why furnace cleaning is essential to avoid future costs and ensure your heater […]

Adding a Fluoride Filter to Your Home

Leo J Roth fluoride filtration system

Water fluoridation has been a topic of debate for decades, with proponents lauding its benefits for dental health, while opponents express concerns about its potential dangers. Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, is added to many public water supplies worldwide in an effort to prevent tooth decay. However, there is a growing body of scientific research […]

Pros and Cons of Using Synthetic Slate

When it comes to roofing materials, homeowners have many options to choose from. Two popular options are slate and synthetic slate. While both materials offer durability and aesthetic appeal, there are some differences that homeowners should be aware of before making a final decision. Slate is a natural stone that has been used as a […]

5 Signs Your Plumbing May Need Attention

No one wants to Google “signs your plumbing may need attention”, but it can strike a happy household at any time. If you think your plumbing is acting abnormally, peep our short list and contact a professional as soon as possible. Plumbing issues can pose health hazards if not handled swiftly and with professional care.  […]

The Unique Process of Selecting Slate

Leo J Roth uses a specific process to supply our customers with a wide range of slate colors and textures. We visit rock quarries in Vermont and Virginia, each having slates of different qualities. Slate from Virginia will have a familiar grey/blue/black color, and glisten in the sun due to the mica content. Vermont has […]

5 things to consider before choosing your HVAC system

The research surrounding HVAC systems is dense with options, recommendations, and misinformation. To help you with this important decision, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 things you should consider before making moves. 1. deciding your hvac system type HVAC systems consist of 5 main types: packaged heating and air systems, split systems, hybrid systems,  and […]