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Safe, Innovative HVAC Services. LJR consistently leads the way in safety, design, and innovation in the industry.


Don’t put off plumbing Issues. We develop custom designs for every client, & strive for perfection in every job.


4 generations of professional roofing services. Our top priority is safety and quality in providing custom roofing repairs to your home.



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Since Leo started the company in 1948 , LJR consistently leads the way in safety, design, and innovation in the industry.


For four generations we have established relationships by providing reliable service performed by professionally trained and experienced individuals.


One of a kind structures require one of a kind contractors. Roth develops custom designs suited for every structure, striving for perfection and efficiency in every job.

Your Air Quality Maintenance Checklist

Change Your Filters Every 3 Months

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for changing (or cleaning) air filters in air handlers/furnaces and other home comfort equipment. Some air cleaners require only an annual filter change, while others need more frequent replacement.

Keep coils free of debris

Maintain proper humidity levels to reduce airborne allergens. Make sure pans and coils of the humidification/dehumidification unit are clean and free of debris.

Clean your grills often

Regularly clean your return grills to prevent dust and debris from accumulating in ducts and clogging filters.