Safety is our #1 priority at Leo J. Roth / Roth Residential!

Leo J. Roth has a full time safety director John Deluzio whose mission is to insure that all of our employees, job sites, equipment, methods and partners adhere to only the highest in safety standards.

John Deluzio has a Bachelors degree in Safety from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and an impressive resume of safety director experience in the construction trades. John also keeps current in safety associations and affiliates with other safety directors at other construction companies in the Northeastern United States

Leo J. Roth has an insurance safety rating the EMR of .79 Рmeaning that our company has one of the highest ratings in the construction industry…nationwide. All of our employees and technicians are fully trained in their respective specialties; proper safety and job site safety. We conduct background checks, DMV checks, drug testing on our employees and thorough maintenance on all our vehicles. At Leo J. Roth / Roth Residential we are particular about the equipment brands that we use and install. Safe, long lasting, efficient and quality brands that serve you for years to come are a very important priority at our company.

Our higher standards at Leo J. Roth insure that if we are in your home or on your work site; that we are the absolute most professional and safest contractor available to you, your family or your staff.