Harness the power of the earth!

Roth Green Energy provides alternative energy solutions for both your home and/or your business. From design and engineering to installation & servicing, our in-house green energy team can handle it all. Energy conservation and environmentally friendly buildings & homes are the buzz of the industry and as performance is now being measured in efficiency, we can offer you heating & cooling equipment, powered the ground, that is almost 500% efficient.

In addition to alternative energy systems we continue to offer the sales, install & service of the more standard & high efficiency furnaces, boilers & water heaters (even tankless!) from our residential heating and cooling group. Upgrading any of these pieces of equipment will help you save money on your monthly utility bills immediately and lower your carbon footprint.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our main office Monday – Friday 7:30 -5:00 at 585-872-0220 and ask for the Green Energy Group.

Solar Power: Photovoltaic & Water

Our solar arrays can be installed not only on home rooftops but also on barns or exterior walls. After an initial solar survey is conducted, the installation of a 2.5kW-5kW system takes between 3-5 days.

This energy collection system is constructed of hard, dark blue crystalline Photovoltaic cells/panels which mount on racks, creating the solar array. These panels convert sun light into DC (Direct Current) electric power.

The DC power is then sent to an electrical converter which transforms DC
power to AC (Alternating Current) electric power that flows into your home’s electrical panel and finally onto your appliances & lighting etc. greatly decreasing the amount of electric consumed from your local utility company.

NYS Energy Research & Development AuthoritySolar energy can also be used to create hot domestic water for your home or pool heater etc. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority currently accepts applications for funding assistance on solar projects. NYSERDA also currently offers a direct rebate of $1.75 per Watt produced by a residential PV system. In addition to the NYSERDA rebate, both New York State and the federal government currently offer tax credits (NYS 25% & Fed. 30%) for installing & utilizing solar energy systems.