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Next to your roof, windows and the structure of your home, your heating plant is the most important appliance and function of your home. You can live without electricity, plumbing and the internet, but you cannot live without heat!

Generally furnaces, boilers and heat pumps should last between fifteen and twenty five years as long as they are maintained and serviced annually. For such an investment we at Roth Residential, a division of the Leo J. Roth Corporation suggest that you get the most efficient, best quality and longest lasting heating equipment to protect you and your family.


Forced air furnaces can use different types of fuel to heat your home. Most homes have natural gas or propane, while some homes use fuel oil as the fuel for heating. Roth Residential proudly installs the York brand furnaces for natural gas and propane customers and Thermopride and Williamson for fuel oil customers.  York brand furnaces provide high efficiency heating of 95%, 96% and 98% with many options for two speed, variable and modulating comfort for your home.  Fuel oil furnaces like Williamson and Thermopride are generally 82% efficient furnaces.

Generally, furnaces are comprised of burners, heat exchangers, draft inducers and venting.  Controls and blower motors are also critical parts of furnaces.

To insure safety and efficiency, Roth Residential suggests that we service, clean and check your heating equipment annually.


Boilers use heat, water and steam to transfer warmth to the rooms of your home generally through baseboard heat runs or radiators. Water boilers and steam are very pleasant and comforting heat sources. Roth Residential proudly installs Weil-McLain, NavienDunkirk/Utica boilers.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are basically air conditioning systems that run in reverse and use outdoor air to heat your home in the winter and of course provide cooling in the warmer months.  Heat pumps are often used in communities with municipal electric service, but are also very efficient ways to heat all homes due to their non reliance of fossil fuels until it is near freezing temperatures.

Heat pumps are efficient, economical and a smart way to heat and cool your home!

Roth Residential proudly installs York brand heat pumps for your home.

In Floor Radiant Heat

Homeowners who have “radiant in floor” enjoy heated wooden tile floors throughout their homes.  Many businesses and farms actually have radiant in floor heat to provide comfort to their employees and work spaces.

With radiant in floor heat, tubing which distributes and circulates warm boiler heated water throughout your home is installed and insulated under flooring.  Once a luxury, in floor radiant is an economical and smart way to be comfortable in the heating seasons.


Sometimes your home or business may have electric but no natural gas, propane or fuel oil available to fuel heating equipment.  Roth Residential proudly installs and services ductless heating and cooling equipment which is powered by electricity and is 100% efficient.  Our preferred brand of ductless equipment is the Mitsubishi brand of electric heating equipment.

Mitsubishi offers heat pumps and hyper heat pumps which generate very efficient heat even when the temperatures drop down to minus 17 degrees!  Mitsubishi is also the most efficient provider of electric heat in the ductless heating/cooling industry providing up to 22 SEER efficiency through its sophisticated technology.  SEER rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.  SEER ratings can range from 13 SEER up to 17 SEER for traditional forced air heat pumps and air conditioning systems.  Electric heat via ductless products like the Mitsubishi brand offers the highest and most efficient source of electric heat available in the market today.


VENTING – Any gas burning appliance especially water heaters, boilers and furnaces need proper and safe venting to exhaust potentially harmful fumes and exhaust gases.

If you have questions about proper venting or potentially harmful gases possibly emitting from your water heater or heating equipment Roth Residential / Leo J. Roth can assist in addressing these questions or concerns. Roth Residential Service technicians are properly trained to examine and check all of your appliances, water heaters and heat plants to insure, efficiency, detect leakage and of course to insure safety in your home.


Roth Residential strongly encourages every homeowner to have at least one or two carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms in their home. Bi-annual battery checks for these detectors along with traditional smoke alarms can notify families in case of potential smoke, fire or gas or carbon monoxide emergencies.

The professional technicians at Roth Residential / Leo J. Roth can assist you with questions, placement and install of these critical detectors if you need.

To learn more about safety with Roth Residential / Leo J. Roth, click here.