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Across the United States the electric grid is aging and being replaced by newer power transmission lines. Americans use more power than ever, and combined with sometimes extreme weather patterns the power supply at our homes and businesses sometimes gets interrupted and we have outages.

Roth Residential proudly installs and services Generec and Kohler brand generators, the best known and absolutely the most reliable brands of generators in the home power generation industry!

Stand-by Generators require either Natural Gas or Propane fuel to run the power generating motors inside. If you do not have natural gas or propane available and wish to install a generator, feel free to contact Roth Residential for a free consultation or a referral for your propane needs!


VENTING – Any gas burning appliance especially water heaters, boilers and furnaces need proper and safe venting to exhaust potentially harmful fumes and exhaust gases.

If you have questions about proper venting or potentially harmful gases possibly emitting from your water heater or heating equipment Roth Residential / Leo J. Roth can assist in addressing these questions or concerns. Roth Residential Service technicians are properly trained to examine and check all of your appliances, water heaters and heat plants to insure, efficiency, detect leakage and of course to insure safety in your home.


Roth Residential strongly encourages every homeowner to have at least one or two carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms in their home. Bi-annual battery checks for these detectors along with traditional smoke alarms can notify families in case of potential smoke, fire or gas or carbon monoxide emergencies.

The professional technicians at Roth Residential / Leo J. Roth can assist you with questions, placement and install of these critical detectors if you need.

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