a Leo J. Roth roofing project

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Our Roofing Division gives every client professional and efficient service, no matter what their roofing need may be. Over the years the Roth Corporation has worked with numerous architectural firms in the production of exciting functional and aesthetic designs. Steeples, skylights, canopies, fascia and terne metal roofs are fabricated and installed by LJR’s sheet metal craftsmen.

These craftsmen have helped shape the Rochester skyline, applying their talents to architectural inclusions in modern building designs as well as helping restore and refurbish some of the area’s most well known landmarks. Their exemplary talents have brought them and us recognition from many area building and craft organizations.

Our roofing divison is equipped to install any type of roof design and material. We also specialize in Waterproofing, Architectural Metal Siding & Historic Preservation

Roofing Services:

We are licensed installers of

  • EPDM – Carlisle, Firestone, Genflex & Versico
  • BUR
  • Modified
  • Tremco
  • Garland Co.
  • Siplast
Architectural Sheet Metal

  • Copper
  • Standing Seam Metal

Slate & Tile Roof Systems

Metal Siding & Gutters


A Leo J. Roth roofing project